Mikaela is back! The band is complete!


Mikaela is back from New York and back in the band. Asylium is now complete again and will celebrate with some gigs and new songs!

Author: Asylium

Looking for new bas player!


Much is going on here! currently writing songs for the new EP. Mikaela has decided to stay in NY, USA for a while and we are therefor looking for a new bas player to fill her position. Send us a pm or mail to contact@asylium.net and attach some recording you have participated in. The band is located in East Middle Sweden !

Author: Asylium

Asylium's album Global Decomposition is now available in the first swedish musicstore.


Musikkällan in Köping, Sweden has agree to distrubute Asylium albums and is then the first Swedish stockist. If you are nearby the county of Västmanland be sure to visit them.

For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/Musikkallan

Author: Fredrik Lundell

Global Decomposition has arrived!

Look what the mailsystem brought us! They look fucking spectacular, mail to contact@asylium.net if you want to own one

Author: Asylium

Global Decomposition is now available on Spotify!


The second album "Global Decomposition" is now available on Spotify! Please spread the word!!


The physical records is available from necrotic records at http://necroticrecords.webs.com/apps/webstore/.

You can also buy the record from us in Sweden, just send us an e-mail to contact@asylium.net

Author: Asylium

First review of Global Decomposition is here!


Read the first review of global decompsition in close-up magazine #154. The album is on the way!! I assure you. It will come back from printing anyday now.
Release in USA in september and also on Spotify soon really soon. Thank you for being patient.

Author: Asylium

Interview in Close-up Magazine


Dont forget to pick up the new Close-up Magazine #153 August and read an interview with Asylium. Joel is sharing some historical aspects of the band as well as some throughts on the next Asylium album "Global Decomposition".

Author: Asylium

Asylium - Live @ Klubb Dislocated, Stockholm

Asylium plays at club Dislocated in Stockholm 27 april..


Check out the facebook event

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Global Decomposition news!


The mastering and the last step of the next Asylium album "Global Decomposition" is now finished. The result is 11 tracks of infernal skullfucking madness. We are now pointing the direction of May, for its premliminary release. As last time Necrotic records will help get this shit out, togheter with some other, as for now unknown co-labels.

In the meantime, check out the song Ashes of left waste.

Author: Asylium

Asylium on Spotify!!


Asylium is now on Spotify! Check it out and spread the word!

Author: Fredrik Lundell

New review on architecture of human desolation


A new review has been done on architecture by aquelarrezine. Read the review here :


Author: Fredrik Lundell

Asylium prepares for entering the studio once more!


ASYLIUM enters the studio in august to records the next album, ~10 furious fucking songs to be relesed upon this world. Among the titles I can reveal the song entitled An Architecture of Human Desolation, the observant knows this is also the title of our previous album. Im currently doing some fine tuning on some of the guitar parts. However, we will keep you updated about our progress!

Author: Fredrik Lundell

Order our debut: An Architecture of Human Desolation!

19/9-11 17:15:19

So, if you want to order the album, you can either order it directy from Necrotic records, or Sevared records (i.e: if you are in the U.S). However, if you live in Sweden, or nearby, you can order it directly from us. Send a mail (contact@asylium.net) with your order, and we will contact you. 100SEK + postage.

Author: Asylium

Necrotic release and T-Shirts

20/6-11 19:04:20

We are sorry for the great delays on this site, and we will be getting better at this. For now we have two new updates:

The Label: Necrotic Records have recieved the digipacks, so they will soon be sent to us. Yes, after a long wait, we will now be releasing our first album "An Architecture Of Human Desolation"

T-shirts: Yes we have some t-shirts to sell. We only had 50 made for this first bunch. In stock now are some M-size shirts, and some S-size shirts. We did have both Large and XL, but those were quickly sold out. But dont worry, we will be having more made for us!

Author: Joel Axelsson

Gig in Västerås

3/3-11 09:20:3

Tomorrow (4/3) we are going to preform with Abrania and The Whyrus at Sigurdsgatan 25 in Västerås. So if you are nearby, come se us there!

Author: Mikaela Åkesson

Asylium song released on metal collection in hollywood!

23/8-10 15:47:23

The Asylium song An eternity of human decay was recently released on an metal collection record called Kill City vol 25!
The record was released by 272 Records in hollywood California! You can support Asylium by ordering the record from the link below, 6 of total 9.99 USD will then go directly to us!

Author: Fredrik Lundell

Vote for Asylium to GRF!

19/5-10 09:59:19

If you want to see us playing at Getaway Rock Festival this summer or just like our music, vote for us to get there!

To number: +46 72500

Here you can check out all the contenders

one vote costs 6 sek ( = 0.64 EUR )


Author: Mikaela Åkesson

New song on Myspace

17/12-09 02:43:17

We have decided to add an additional song to our Myspace. The song is called Awaken Isolation, truly some intense, fucked-up shit! Be sure to check it out.

Listen to Awaken Isolation here:

Author: Fredrik Lundell

Completed album and sneakpeak of 2 new songs!

8/11-09 02:36:8

As we have completed our album recording, and all is done, we have now entered the stage to where you guys come in. Listen, and hopefully enjoy this blasphemous recording. The album is in a not too far future going to be released, but we are now in serach of a label willing to make it all come into reality. As we do not wish for all our songs to be posted at our myspace, we have decieded to let you hear two of them. Straight of the upcoming album. Some may come up here sooner or later..

Listen to them here:

For the time being... Let it all sink in, and await some more brutal shit coming this way.

Author: Joel Axelsson

Live show and important Myspace information!

17/5-09 23:44:17

Well, we were on short notice called to do a live gig at a festival. We had about a few hours to get everything together and there was no time at all for any rehearsal or anything else. We played alongside Torture Killer, Demonical and Facebreaker. This was one of the most funfilled gigs we ever did and the other bands kicked some serious ass! We like to thank everybody for showing up, and every band that played and ofcourse HRN! About our myspace! We want to apologize to everybody who visits this site and is met with our old music. The recordings that are in the player are about three and a half years old and was as you know re-released on Maltkross Productions in France. As we have been working on our album for a long time now, we are about to be complete! As soon as some of our new stuff is mixed and mastered, be sure that it will eventually end up here. The new material is alot faster, alot more technical and is sure to blow your minds. Once again, the music at myspace is old, but still with heart, and we are anxious to let you hear the new shit!

Author: Joel Axelsson

Live + Studio

25/3-09 17:44:25

Hell came, and hell went.. We did a gig (the annual Ögir-gig) at Ögir last weekend, thanks to all who came and checked us out! The front-row banging by five special people gave the rest of the audiance a real show!.. Though this was a closed party, we will be doing more show soon, so don´t be sad that you couldn´t get in... Thanks to HRN, the front-row bangers and all else there that made that party so fucked up!.. The studioprogression on the album is coming along nicly, although we had to re-record a few things, and one complete song, has made this taken so long time. But we are working on making it seriously twisted, and we now you'll like it eventually, when it hits the open market.. Stay tuned in for more shit that is upcoming..

Author: Joel Axelsson

Studio Update

30/12-08 02:09:30

Hello everyone.. As you know, Asylium is in the studio creating a studioalbum at the moment. This is all you need to know for now: The Album is going to be fucking killer!.. All drums have been laid, and so have the leadguitarrs, now Mikaela is going to lay the bass sound and thereafter rhythm guitarrs and vocals by respective player. We have been listening to the tunes for so long in the studio doing the 'aura' and feeling of every bit, so a bit tired in the head. But this shit is so fast you won´t believe it, its technical, and it is amazingly put together.. It is nothing like anything out there.. This shit is as raw as you can get it..

Author: Joel Axelsson


26/8-08 00:41:26

Asylium is now proudly owners of our own studio, we will be open to other bands, specializing in blast-beats, and fucking grinding.. If you´re Death, Gore, Grind or Black, then you are more than welcome.. We are currently working our way through all our songs, and in the middle of recording them all. Which will go on the album? Which will fall away? Who the fuck knows! We plan to release the most ultimate blast-fucking-your-brains-out-album ever! We want you to feel the fucking rush of listening to these songs.. Titles so far, just as a sneak preview of what we will release are: "An Eternity Of Human Decay", "Canceled Creations Reconstructed", and "Prespawned Holocaust".. We want to please you, but to be able to do that, we have to please ourselves, so the recording could take some time. But this most definently sounds better than most out there! If you like death, and you like gore, most of all, if you like the end of the world to be right now! Listen to what we have to come with and you will feel the power that is about to be unleased!

Author: Joel Axelsson

Drunken Gig + Assault!

21/7-08 20:05:21

To the ones that reads this news. Last weekend, on last saturday to be exact, we did a gig out in the woods. This was not a planned gig, and we lacked the bassplayer Mikaela. Though we did have 2 guitarrists, old guitarrplayer Viktor joined to help do the gig. We were some what drunk, and it seemed to go fine.. We hope you all who came to see us, enjoyed it! Also, after the show, when some of us leaved the set at night, our singer Runfors stayed and kept on drinking his head off. When he later, or, early in the morning deicieded to go home he was assaulted and beaten. He is doing fine now, but he had to be hospitalized for a day and he looks quite bizzare. Runfors will not be able to sing for at least a few weeks because his nose got smashed, and he have to relax his face all the time.

Author: Joel Axelsson

Viktor leaves Asylium

12/5-08 09:53:12

Our own 2nd guitarist, Viktor, has deceided to leave the band due to personal problems and depression. He says that there is no motivation left within him. We all hope that he finds himself and becomes better.. Perhaps a return in the future.. This ofcourse means that we need a new guitarist to Asylium and we will be holding auditions. If you are intressted in playing in Asylium, drop a line at niles_mayhem@hotmail.com and we´ll talk. If you play in anything else, samples etc are of intresst. You can also find the mail address at the "contact" page..

Author: Joel Axelsson

Update 22/4

22/4-08 19:50:22

Not much to say really. We have just updated our discography section on this webhell. So there is some shit to read about our latest release.. Keep banging your heads assholes..

Author: Joel Axelsson


6/4-08 20:04:6

Cheers to all who reads.. It has been done, Asyliums covers will tomorow be printed down in France, and hopefully released on tuesday. The three previous demo tracks from last demo will be sold in a new edition to all over europe! You can order or check it out at the webstore in France called www.oriffs.com.

Author: Joel Axelsson

Tape to France

3/4-08 18:33:3

Greetings to all that still reads this shit, and care in some sort of way.. Asylium has been asked to release a casette, a tape, down i France. We are in negotiation at the moment. We hope to get this shit out there, and we will follow up on this as things progress! It is to early to say anything about anything, but just a hint so that you know whatshappening in the Asylium camp..

Author: Joel Axelsson

New Songs

2/3-08 19:11:2

Yes, we have been working and drinking all weekend, friday through sunday, just writing new material. Two new songs have been set-up and are ready to be released upon non-expecting listeners. We are currently working on an album that is to be released later this year. We are in the making of several new songs and we will be working til´ we puke hate. To make the new material as fucked up as we hope it to be!

Author: Joel Axelsson


21/2-08 15:28:21

Yesterday, me (Joel), and Fredrik, worked on the webpage all night long, now almost everything is up and running, there is songs to download, logos to look at, there are contacts, personal info and our whole biography! Hopefully, there is some people (bangers) out there that will be pleased with all..

Author: Joel Axelsson

News news, news..

20/2-08 17:40:20

Hello anyone out there that still gives a shit! Asylium has been writing new songs, and we will meet up soon to make them happen. This is by far, the most brutal yet. Still in the same Asylium spirit! News about the webpage, well, we have been working on it quite som time this evening and hopefully it will all be up and running tonight! With updates, almost everywhere! Some gigs are soon (we hope) to be announed, and it is sort of scattered across Sweden, and some past gigs have been added to the page aswell. Much is happening in the Asylium army.. You just wait!

Author: Joel Axelsson

A new Song

7/4-07 07:58

A new song is created and called Kingdom come, it will hopefully be recorded along with some more new death core brutal stuff this summer.

Author: fredrik lundell

New Member

8/1-07 19:40

Asylium has recruited a new member on guitar. His name is Viktor and was seen on stage for the first time on the Dead Generation Fest in Köping, Sweden 2006. Although he had the worst corpsepaint ever he brought a monstrous sound and an evil spirit to the show.

Author: Andreas Runfors

New Year

31/12-06 21:06

Let´s all hope that this time is the end of all! 1999 was thought to be the ending, then Y2K, all sorts of shit. Yes I´m drunk, but who gives a crapper!? Back the Fuck off, and let´s all hope to die. Do you? If you have a thought, then just take it, your life! Nobody gives.. So, JUST DO IT! Little Nike commercial! Hehe. So if we survive, well, who gives, if we go, yes, finally.. Cause´ we only destroy anyways, believe in shit that only causes mankind misery. IF MISERY IS WHAT WE WANT! WE DELIVER TO YOU!!! I hate you!

Author: Joel Axelsson